August 12, 2016

Making Squares for the Global Warming Quilt

Sometimes I tend to be a perfectionist and this came through when sewing the squares for the Global Warming Quilt. If I had sewn random wedges to the squares I would have lost the grain line on one edge, but that was not on my mind. So I had to think of a method to avoid it and here I am showing what I did. 

Manchmal kommt bei mir der Perfektionist durch und genau das passierte als ich die Quadrate für den Global Warming Quilt nähte. Wenn ich einfach Reststücke an die Quadrate genäht hätte, wäre der Fadenlauf an einer Seite verloren gegangen. Aber das wollte ich nicht. Also musste ich mir eine Methode ausdenken, um das zu vermeiden und hier ist nun zu sehen was ich machte. 
Ich denke, die Bilder sprechen auch ohne Übersetzung für sich.

To make the wedges:
5 inch square, first cut horizontal through the center, then two cuts in random angles.
Each wedge has now one long grain and one long bias.

4 1/2 inch square layed out on the mat with the left bottom corner matching the crossing lines. With a removable pen I marked a line 3/8 inch away from the top edge. 
<don't get confused, the grid shows centimeters>

With the grain line on top I layed the wedge along the marked line. Both pieces are right side up. 

Along the bottom edge of the wedge I marked a line on the square.

Turning over the wedge to the marked line.

Wedge sewn to the square with a 1/4 inch seam.

The no longer needed piece got discarded.

Seams pressed open.

Unit trimmed back to the needed size. Here it is a 4 1/2 inch square. 
Voila, it is done, a grain line on all 4 sides. 

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